my name is Pompon. It’s my resistant name. I am an 29 years old activist. I live now with other activists in Hambacher Forest near Cologne in Germany.

The Hambacher Forest is more than 1 000 years old. It’s today friday 24 november 2017 threatened by the company RWE to be cut entirely althought there is only 10 % of it surviving from the previous cuts. Indeed Köln justice court allowed today RWE to extend the explotation of carbon in the mine until the forest.

So we are expecting a police presence in the forest from Monday on.

But humanity always can choose and always will. That’s why it’s nice to be a human being.

We still have time.

When we consume energy and pay for it, we say yes to a big explotation of nature. But when we find that the project is disproportionate, wecan say no.

The Hambacher Forest looks like many forests in Europe where everyone like to walk or to go jogging. It’s essentiel to our balance.

I am living in the Hambacher Forest because as the same time as we try to make everyone obvious that it is essential to find new sources of energy, we are developing interesting ideas and initiatives. We are advancing towards concrete applications of a justice based on the knowledge of climate and nature. We dedicate our time to it. It’s an exciting work where each difficulty is always tried to be transformed in a solution. It’s alse a free work, in which we have the freedom to give exactly what we can and what we want. I would be particulary sad to see this notion of free work disappear. We get from it not only somewhere to sleep and some food but also a lot of self esteem, a lot of knowledges and energy for the days coming for.

Some progress are made every day in the Hambacher Forest in this direction. Life in commom in the forest is our essential tool to achieve these progress which might be useful for everyone in the future.
The forest is our indication, our teacher.
The forest says what we can take from it and what we have to give back.
The forest shows us where to find the harmony and how to traduce it in
the way we behave and organize with each other.
Finally, the forest gurantees us the freedom we all need.

The forest is an invaluable experimental oasis. We have to give the forest time.

I don’t fear the lack of energy. Humanity knows where to find energy and how respect nature in the same time.

I choose Pompon as a nickname when I saw one day a human being moving a pompon with his hand in the air. It was so obvious that energy appears naturally in everyone of us, without having to  look for it outside. Energy is there because we are alive. We just have to look to each other and trust our capacity to understand the nature. So we will all avance in a much more serene way.   

We can say stop to the Hambacher Forest destruction.
We can let the last experimental oasis in Europe live.
We can let a new justice based on nature appear.
We can all learn for the everyday in the Hambacher Forest.
We can.

You can write “Hambi stays” where you will be read (Hambi is the nickname for Hambacher in german).
You can move a pompon in the air to ask for a new kind of energy.
You can organize a big “no” to RWE from where you are in your way.
You can come to Hambacher Forest. You’ll be welcomed (with a place for your car, a place where to sleep and food).

Finally, look at the map. Search for Cologne and then look a bit aside, 60 kilometers west. You’ll see the Hambacher Forest saying you “thank you for reading” for still a long time I hope.

Wir waren bei der Gerichtsverhandlung am 21.11. und beider Urteilsverkündung am 24.11. dabei. Leider hat das Verwaltungsgericht Köln die Klage des BUND abgewiesen und den Weg frei gemacht für weitere Rodungen im Hambacher Wald. Das Gericht entschied so, obwohl es der Auffassung ist, dass die Rodung unsinnig ist. Denn RWE wird die Braunkohle unter dem Wald nicht mehr ausbaggern. Weil vorher der Ausstieg aus dem Braunkohletagebau stattfinden wird. Dies weiß das Gericht, dies weiß RWE und dies weiß auch das Land NRW. Der Wald soll ab Montag dennoch fallen.
Auch Christian Döring, Kinderarzt in Köln, war bei der Urteilsverkündung dabei. Im Interview mit dem WDR erläutert er die massiven Schädigungen, die vor allem Kinder durch den Braunkohle-Feinstaub aus dem Tagebau Hambach erleiden – auch in Köln.